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I am Sudipta Chatterjee. This is my personal blog site. It contains personal reviews on different topics related to Products & Services available on digital platform. You will also find personal views on different contemporary issues related to social & technological realm in my blog section.


Every time a global turmoil creates paradigm shift in social norms. We have seen in the past, how world war two influenced the humanity significantly. It has not only brought large scale human misery and devastation but also created a situation, when mankind took a big leap forward towards revolutionizing the technology, education, businesses and ultimately brought lifestyle change. This COVID_19  crisis is going to advent  new technology and bound to change the way, we perceive our surroundings, society and world. Communications and Technology  has always played leading roll when it comes to innovation. Digital technology is definitely one such example which has linked entertainment with daily needs.

The advancement in robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to give a completely new dimensions to Automation & Operations design which will directly impact productivity.

Robotics- New Age Revolution

The trade boundaries have already decimated in late 20th century after Globalization. The market all over the world has become a single entity. This provides a tremendous scope for generation of new markets and creates space for increased output after improvement of productivity. The Global Market also provides level playing field for different producers around the world and creates a healthy competition. This provides tremendous opportunity for increasing Customer base on newer territories and increased revenue. The newer territories are also benefited by availability of World Class products, advanced technological touch and increased employment. This we have already experienced in India post liberalization in 1992.

This century will see a sea change in business perspective coupled with social & political reforms. We as individuals and society at large will be heavily impacted by above technological intrusions. The migration and switch over to newer advancement will be very rapid now. This creates a need for right information in our reach to take right purchase decisions. will get you sorted out product information based on personal research and user reviews, which you may find useful to take last minute purchase decisions. The information are updated regularly for new products.

Everything under microscope

About Me: I am Qualified Engineer with MBA and worked in both Private & Public Sector for more than 18 years. My job involved observation, investigation, analysis and review. This has given me required skill to put everything under microscopic review. This endeavor is to apply the acquired skill through my education and experience for the benefit of society at large.

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Smart Transformation, A Reality

Adverse situation Natural or Man-made pushes mankind towards a big change. Humans innovate to fight the circumstances that becomes a new lifestyle norm

Smart TV uses and advantages

With social distancing becoming norm in post COVID era, smart TVs will play important role in entertainment, education and communication

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