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When the Lockdown will end….


To understand when the lockdown will end, we have scratch through its natal details. It was born on 24th March 2020 at 08:30 P.M., when our PM announced nationwide lockdown for 21 days. This is precisely when Indians came to know about the lockdown.

Its lagna is Libra, endowed with Good Judgmental power and Nakshtra is Chitra. “Chitra- The Pearl” which is destined to break the illusion of Rahu “The #COVID ” by a forceful action which will discern the Illusion. This illusion is to be broken by disengaging bonds of Maya through a concerted action, which seeks no bar of caste, creed and religion.

It’s born in #Yoga of Brahma, “The Trustworthy” with good Judgmental power & in #Karan of Kimstugna, which is vigorous and sincere towards human service. Its Karak Lagna is Subha, “Good Personality but suffering on account of health and wealth” which is prevalent in our country at present.

This lockdown was supposed to end in Saturn/Mars period in April, but didn’t as The Mars is exalted in D1 (Natal Chart) & D9 (Navamsha) and being Vargottama is sitting in Kendra, conjunct with Dasha lord Saturn and benevolent Jupiter.  Lockdown is destined to serve its purpose and will eventually see its end in Saturn -Rahu period. Natal Rahu is sitting 6th from Saturn and Sun will transit its position in the the month of July. At this time, Saturn will be at 8th house from Sun, signifying end of #Lockdown Nationwide.

Interesting Isn’t It…..

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

  • Disclaimer: In this article, Natal data are vague and so calculations may have subject to gross error. So reliance on data is subjective and individualistic. This is in no way to arrive at any conclusion