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Spray Suthol for Big Relief

Another addition from G.D Pharmaceutical which has a potential to compete brand life  cycle of  “The Eternal – Boroline‘. Suthol is an excellent skin treatment multipurpose applicant available in your drawers. It has Neem (Azadirachta indica), Turmeric, Marigold, Aloevera extracts which has Natural Antiseptic and Anti Prickly Heat properties. In addition to this, Cetrimide and Chlorhexidine Gluconate is also present which are Anti Bacterial  in efficacy. 

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Suthol is a product of G.D Pharmaceuticals, which was founded by Late Shri Gourmohan Dutta in Kolkata erstwhile Calcutta. He was a Nationalist and belonged to a family of rich ancestral history. It was really a daunting task to build an Indian Pharmaceuticals in Pre-Independence days. But he did it and so the legend brand of “Boroline” was born; which stands for its Quality till date.  Suthol is the next Gen product from the same stable.  

Suthol finds its use for its antimicrobial, antiseptic & prickly heat curative effects. It is also used for cut and wounds. It has already gained its popularity among users and has  been recognized as a Quality brand after Boroline.  It has already won many accolades and marching towards becoming one of the most popular brands in contemporary times. 

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