Carefree Days

Snake & Ladder

Isn’t It reliving our Childhood. Lockdown!!! Yes big bang!!! So why not enjoy it in our homes with family. Let’s give it a try to sink into nostalgia of early summer holidays!!! You remember....

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It was very early in my childhood, when I used to play Ludo with my sister. My sister would return from her boarding in Summer Holidays and we used to spend much quality time together. It started from then but slowly became an indispensable tool to fight boredom everywhere…from Study table to railway station waiting room to unending railway travels to my solitude..everywhere.

Thanks to #lockdown, which allowed me to relive those sweet moments and swim in the sea of early days nostalgia…

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When going gets tough, the tough get going

Isn’t this very much appropriate in these difficult times. We are committed to bring to you “The Great Opportunities” available from time to time in web world so that you don’t miss them.
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