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Reference for Private Tutors offering online Classes in Maths and English language from Class 4 to Class 8 in CBSE and ICSE boards
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Schools are open and running digital classes. Everything is focused on Digital delivery of educational materials starting from lectures, online reading materials and books. But what about Students!!! Are they prepared to own this new age turmoil..Are parents prepared to guide their kids on Digital platform. 🤔🤔🤔

In our ever pursuit to bring to you the best, we present here a Tutor reference for Class 1 to 4 kids. She is trained in online classes and have good past experience of teaching of 10 years in both CBSE & ICSE boards in reputed schools. 👇👇👇

Private Tutor for students of ICSE and CBSE boards from Class 1 to Class 4 near Garia

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It is of paramount importance to take care the individual needs of students when teaching online. Each student has his own strengths and weaknesses. Delivery of subject matter based on individual perspective is really a mammoth and daunting task. For big tutorials, this becomes a real problem. This is more significant, when children are in Class 1 to Class 4. At this age, a student has hardly acquired skills of self learning. Digital delivery of course material is not sufficient to impart required training onto students at this age.

Herein the above angle is taken care by due consideration to need of every student. This is further made easy by modern teaching aids like visual and audio presentations used during online classes. This makes your kid stick to the class and listen carefully. It helps not only in better understanding of the basics but also brings in conceptual clarity and interest in the subject. This helps in much needed in-depth learning to excel in the exams and also future career. Fundamentals learnt with perfection in lower classes helps students to catch up with ease in class 5 and class 6, which are considered transition period from lower primary to high school.

Regular parents teacher interaction coupled with periodic intimation of progress of students; monthly test on subjects taught and student specific guidance are key features to look for.

After all, Your Kid Needs Skilled Guidance

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Stay Indoors!!! Stay Safe!!! Stay Healthy!!!

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Astrology and its Effectiveness

Truth is always Beautiful ….Isn’t this sound just absurd…Absolutely!!! It is!!!

The fact is that beauty lies in beholder’s eye. A person who has just lost his near and dear ones in a natural disaster or an accident; next day only he wins a big lottery. So will he feel lucky and blessed??? Or take another instance. One’s father is in coma for last six months and he expires. Won’t he or she feel relieved for end to all ordeals of his or her father?

The Truth is that how we feel about a particular situation or outcome is a function of Sthana (Place), Kaal (Time) and Patra (The People around), Chetana (Consciousness), Bhavana (Emotion), Vivek (Ability of Discrimination or Calculative Intelligence), Bodh (Intuition) and Smriti (Memory).

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Astrology is an age old practice which I prefer to call an artistic science (sounds bizarre!!! isn’t it), which throws light on above variables of an individual to get deeper Insight to his life, his thinking, his problems and habits which ultimately decides his destiny. The problem is that these attributes are so sticky that they are hard to change. Why??? The answer lies in astrology, in his birth charts. They are very personalized basic instincts and he sees the entire world through glasses tinted by these instincts. He perceives and performs accordingly which ultimately decides his fate.

We have devised a unique concept Divine Guideline which circles in an infinite path to help you identify your better path.

As astrologers, our duty is to enlighten your Chetana, Bodh & Vivek so that you can clear the tints of the glasses that your wear in your mind. This will enable you to see, perceive and feel the life without bias. Your actions will be guided by discerning senses and in harmony with nature. This will give you eternal peace and complete sense of success. We have tried in our endeavor to not flood you with astrological jargon and keep it simple. Our quality of suggestion depends very much on information provided by you and clarity of your questions.

Please send your query to

Our team will get in touch with you. Help us to Serve You better.