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Personalized attention coupled with Fundamental learning is the main objective. Class 8 to Class 10 is very vital for building foundation knowledge, which proves very helpful in 11th & 12 th and afterwards. Children aspiring for both Engineering and Medical needs strong fundamental knowledge in Chemistry. The success in AIEEE and NEET depends much on subject fundamentals and application oriented skills of students. The foundation is developed during school days.

Personalized attention depending upon individual student psychology and learning capability is the key to good tutoring. Our aim is that students develop interest in chemistry and acquire thorough understanding of the subject in Class 8, Class 9 and Class 10.

Please call me at your convenience and fix appointment to understand your requirements.

Private Tutor Chemistry
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StepIn Forum- An Initiative to Promote Private Tutors on Digital Platform

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Private Tutoring has been the backbone of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education system since many years. But in last 20 years; it has made significant inroads in Primary Education system also. With advent of modern course structure and scientific way of teaching in last two decades, the need for trained and educated tutors increased significantly. In the mean time, there has been significant commercialization and professionalization in Higher Secondary Education system. Many small and big coaching institutes have come up delivering group tutoring services in a more professional and organized way. But Private tutoring enjoyed its leverage in primary and lower primary classes serviced by Individual Tutors. These services are affordable to a large section of parents and has been really a win- win situation for both Tutors and Parents. But off-late due to over crowding and stiff competition in higher secondary levels, big coaching firms are slowly eyeing this niche but productive primary level market. Today or Tomorrow, due to financial and technical superiority, this market will also be eaten up by biggies. So is there anything, individual tutors can do to survive this onslaught. Here StepIn Forum steps in.

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What is StepIn Forum: This is a network platform initiated by like minded individuals from Education and Other Professional fields with decent experience in respective fields. The objective of this forum is to provide level playing field to individual tutors, who are meritorious and dedicated to uphold the objective of primary education by sincerely tutoring and nurturing the talents of students .
Why StepIn Forum: With advent of technology and web communication platforms like zoom, WhatsApp, Microsoft Team etc.., the technical advantage is available to both Small Tutors and Large Tutorial houses alike. The present crisis due to COVID also boosted online teaching requirements. Present survey conducted by us indicates more than 50% Tutors are inclined to deliver services online.

So how to deal with this stiff competition and survive ???

The differential factor is the Quality of educationIndividual CareRight Promotion and Networking. StepIn Forum provide budding and experienced tutors a promotional backbone to grow and render educational services. Darwin’s Theory of Existence will always be relevant in every era. We have to Innovate to Survive.

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How StepIn acts: We provide value added services to promote Individual Tutors Online on request basis. Digital promotion is done by  trained and experienced persons so that “You can concentrate on Teaching and we take care of the promotional part”. Here we host Private Tutor profile on a dedicated web-page. Besides this, based on potential of Tutor and students demand, we run promotional campaigns for Private Tutors in social media platforms.This provides a ready made advantage to you in your effort to promote yourself online and increase student base and revenue. Digital Promotion of Tutors is the need of the hour. StepIn Forum provides digital support to tutorials at an affordable cost.

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Promote Yourself Digitally to Expand your Reach: Join Today

Congratulations to You in your first step towards  insuring your career against potential threat from future competition and towards a sustainable career with growth. 

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