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A Small Initiative can make Big Difference to the World we Live

  • Smart Transformation, A Reality
    Adverse situation Natural or Man-made pushes mankind towards a big change. Humans innovate to fight the circumstances that becomes a new lifestyle norm
  • Smart TV uses and advantages
    With social distancing becoming norm in post COVID era, smart TVs will play important role in entertainment, education and communication
  • Search for Primary Classes Home Tutor
    Personal Tutor for Class 1 to Class 8 in ICSE and CBSE Boards in Kolkata. Teaching through online/distant mode by Zoom/Whatsapp Call/WebEx
  • Astrology and its Effectiveness Truth is always Beautiful ….Isn’t this sound just absurd…Absolutely!!! It is!!! The fact is that beauty lies in beholder’s eye. A person who has just lost his near and dear ones in a natural disaster or an accident; next day only he wins a big lottery. So will he feel lucky and blessed??? Or […]
  • Prediction of Longevity in Astrology
    “जातस्य हि ध्रुवो मृत्युर्ध्रुवं जन्म मृतस्य च |तस्मादपरिहार्येऽर्थे न त्वं शोचितुमर्हसि ||”Chapter-2, Verse -27,Shreemad Bhagwad Gita. “Death is certain for all those who are born and rebirth is true equally. So there is no point in lamenting over it.” ” When my life ends”, “What is my aayu”,. “What is his or her aayu”; probably […]

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