This is my personal blog. My objective is to share with you my views on Product & service features and contemporary issues based on personal analysis and information available in open domain. Your suggestion will add value to improve this effort. Grey Hair

A Small Initiative can make Big Difference to the World we Live

    Make Your Dreams A Reality. To get hassle free, reliable and fast assistance on Personal Loan in Garia, Business loan, loan against property or Education loan , Contact: LOAN Advisor in GARIA 700084 @ 9477397327 Get in Touch Expand your business now to get Early Advantage: With cost of borrowing touching the minimum of the […]
  • Smart Transformation, A Reality
    Adverse situation Natural or Man-made pushes mankind towards a big change. Humans innovate to fight the circumstances that becomes a new lifestyle norm
  • Smart TV uses and advantages
    With social distancing becoming norm in post COVID era, smart TVs will play important role in entertainment, education and communication
  • Search for Primary Classes Home Tutor
    Personal Tutor for Class 1 to Class 8 in ICSE and CBSE Boards in Kolkata. Teaching through online/distant mode by Zoom/Whatsapp Call/WebEx
  • Carefree Days
    Isn’t It reliving our Childhood. Lockdown!!! Yes big bang!!! So why not enjoy it in our homes with family. Let’s give it a try to sink into nostalgia of early summer holidays!!! You remember…. It was very early in my childhood, when I used to play Ludo with my sister. My sister would return from […]

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