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Smart Transformation, A Reality

Unlock 1.0 is going to be a phase of major transformation

There are lots of discussion, lots of debates in air about how we the humans;. exploited ‘The Nature’ and never thoughtful about such a revenge coming !!! Some even exonerating the Mighty Nature and giving it a colour of Man-made covert aggression in the name of Pandemic…

COVID_19 is definitely going to change social and economic order of the world
Corona Glare

Whatever may be, one thing is for sure; life will never be the same again…With or Without Corona. It will be highly fantasizing and hyperbole to say that it will lead to some terrible World War like situation from here. But surely it has taken a heavy toll on our belief system and that of so called Globalization. We will definitely see some Political realignments happening in international arena in coming times. Not to mention, but we will see businesses redefine themselves in post lockdown period with a completely different perspective and existing structures crumbling like pack of cards. Changes in Business models are inevitable with more and more inroads will be made by Internet and Social media supported by Artificial Intelligence & Analytics.

data analytics and artificial intelligence is going to be a game changer of this century

Every time a global turmoil creates paradigm shift in social norms. We have seen in the past, how world war two influenced the humanity significantly. It has not only brought large scale human misery and devastation but also created a situation, when mankind took a big leap forward towards revolutionising the technology, education, businesses and ultimately brought lifestyle change. This COVID crisis is going to advent new technology and bound to change the way, we perceive our surroundings, society and world. Communications and Technology has always played leading roll when it comes to innovation. Digital technology is definitely one such example which has linked entertainment with daily needs.

We are already experiencing lot of turmoil in the world of education. Distance tutorials and educational classes already started for this session by most of the Primary and High schools. Web world and social media is flooded with Free and Paid enrollment advt. of Webinars in almost everything on this earth. Universities are also not untouched by this revolution.. Even reading materials and examination patterns are getting designed e-way.

The trade boundaries have already decimated in late 20th century after Globalization. The market all over the world has become a single entity. This provides a tremendous scope for generation of new markets and creates space for increased output after improvement of productivity. The Global Market also provides level playing field for different producers around the world and creates a healthy competition. This provides tremendous opportunity for increasing Customer base on newer territories and increased revenue. The newer territories are also benefited by availability of World Class products, advanced technological touch and increased employment. This we have already experienced in India post liberalisation in 1992.

This century will see a sea change in business perspective coupled with social & political reforms. We as individuals and society at large will be heavily impacted by above technological intrusions. The migration and switch over to newer advancement will be very rapid now.

With lock-down forcing Rural Population in gaining digital awareness, which is also evident from growing numbers of internet and mobile users as per recent surveys and for the first time Rural counts going up above Urban counterparts; it’s definitely going to revolutionise all dimensions of Advertising and Business Development

Digital Rural India

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With everything around us round changing so fast , it is imperative that we also change asap; if we intend to survive this onslaught. Destiny yet again throws an open challenge to us and reminds us the very old adage….

Survival of The Fittest

Modern History of India

Consumer electronics Technology

Smart TV uses and advantages

Why Smart TV…..

Smart TVs provide an intelligent Android/IOS based interface, which gives easy access to app based features like You Tube, A fleet of entertainment channels ranging from Amazon Video, Netflix, Disney-Hot star, and many. There is also a browser option in smart tv, where you can browse and open favorite web pages, podcasts, portals and everything available in web-world.

The World is adopting smarter ways to deal with the new born COVID crisis with an eye towards the future. It is definitely going to take a big leap towards new generation technology and influence the way we live,think and work.

Key Advantage

Online Education: With most of the schools and educational institutions adopting innovative ways of online teaching through platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, Web-ex, Microsoft-Teams; Smart TVs can really create a Classroom type environment at home. This can be easily done by cast option in your smart phone. After logging in to the particular app, you have to just cast your mobile and display is available on your Smart TV.

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Modern History: A Past That Energises The Future….

Meeting Room at Home & offices:

Web based Meetings

The biggest blow this global pandemic has given on physical travelling. With social distancing becoming a norm, Globe is getting prepared and adapted to distant communication means like teleconferencing, webinars etc., it is becoming more of a necessity and compulsion than luxury. Increasing social distancing will definitely increase airfares & railways cost and so dependency will naturally increase on cost effective distant communication.

Entertainment: Already we are experiencing a paradigm shift in entertainment technology. Both small and large screen entertainment has turned digital. And more so after this COVID Pandemic, it is interesting to see, how the Cinema world responds to it. It is sure that Multiplexes and Theaters will take a backseat in post COVID era. So we will see more and more digital & web release of movies in our home screens. It will be similar to V-SAT mode, most cinemas operate today. Smart TV will be a window to new age entertainment. Digital and web TV space is already flooded with net series and app based transmission and doing good even before COVID onset. This is going to sky rocket now. Big Impact on Entertainment


Cost Consideration: The cost of Smart TV in India ranges from as low as 15000 INR to 300000 INR depending upon picture quality (HD/HD Ready), refresh rate, screen size , sound quality and brand. Here we have presented very few brands and you can follow the link to check their distinct features and deliverable. Amazon provides big range of choice of top selling brands.

Final say: Present situation is very similar to World War-II era, when humanity has witnessed a paradigm shift post war in economical and technological realm and this time again, history is going to repeat itself in post COVID era. The world of communication will spearhead this revolution and Smart TV technology will definitely will be one of the key accelerators in this digital transformation of society.

Smart TVs will be our eyes in GenNext